Meaningful experiences abroad


Away 2 Be offers unique journeys abroad for families and groups seeking authentic travel experiences.


We connect People.


Who we are

Away 2 Be is a boutique travel company focusing on authentic experiences around the world. We bring families and small groups abroad. Our trips are custom-designed to meet the needs of open-minded people who want more from international travel. We connect people.


What we believe

We believe traveling is a pathway to peace. We believe in the power of stories and relationships as catalysts for positive local and global change. We believe in listening and adventure, connection and shifting perspective. We believe in our global community.


“Of all of my travels, this trip touched my heart the most. My heart is full and ever so grateful.” —N.T.


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Hi! I’m susan

I started Away 2 Be. I did it because I’ve traveled the world. A whole lot. And I have friends all over the world who say, “next time bring your friends.” And I love the thought of friends meeting friends. So I said, “Why not?” And I created a thing so people can connect with one another. Because the world needs that...more than ever.

Let’s go!